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The 1965 School Photo
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  • This page deals with the 1965 school photo. There are various views and versions of the photo.

    The Photo
    The following are scanned from the 1965 full school photo
    The first four are individual A4 size scans, from left to right. Each file is just under 1MByte. The last is the whole lot stitched together in Photoshop and is a higher resolution but is nearly 14MByte. If anyone wants the Photoshop .psd file, let me know and I'll put it up but be warned, it's 165MByte.

    School Photo 1965 - 1 
    School Photo 1965 - 2
    School Photo 1965 - 3
    School Photo 1965 - 4

    School Photo 1965 - Full  (warning: 14MByte)

    The Staff
    Staff 1965 - with names    Updated 7 March Help needed to identify the last missing names

    The Pupils

    The following photos have a superimposed grid to assist identification.
    It is not possible to align all the faces in the centre of a box, but it is as good as I can get.
    The pictures are of a lower quality, but are good enough for their purpose.

    To identify someone, I suggest you use the convention [photoname][column][row]. So I am at 1965(4),19,D
    You might need to be creative, so the guy on my (picture) left, Daley, is 1965(4),17-18,D
    You don't have to use the brackets.
    The convention doesn't really matter, as long as it is clear. If it isn't I'm sure someone will tell you.


    Go to the Who's Who in 1965 page for a table of pupils' names and their location in the above four photos

    John Sammes has located the year 1962 intake and has annotated extracts of the 1965 photo here
    1962 Intake

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn
    27 August 2013

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